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Rust Check

Why Rust Check?


Because corrosive salt and damaging moisture penetrate unprotected metals and seep into inner panel seams, leaving behind corrosive contaminants that can destroy metal over time.  This residue not only affects the appearance of your vehicle, but can also attack the joints and spot welds that hold your vehicle together. The result is a vehicle that not only doesn't look good, but will eventually become unsafe.

Application Pricing:

Small/Mid Size Car

Large Car

Small SUV/Pick Up

Large SUV/Pick Up


+ Coat & Protect







Rust Check utilizes a unique two-step application process designed specifically to provide highly effective corrosion protection by utilizing products appropriate to different parts of your vehicle.


The protection your vehicle requires varies as a result of its design. One product cannot be effective in all areas. Accordingly, the Rust Check Two Product Process uses:


1. Rust Check - Inside Body Panel - Light Liquid Crevice Penetration

2. Rust Check Coat & Protect: Exposed Undercarriage - Thick Gel Wash Resistance

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